Saturday, March 1, 2014

BEAUTY & MAKEUP: Tips and Tricks

by M Jvlian Simmons

Tips and Tricks
Mila Kunis, actress. Click for article.

So many of our homegirls and female following have expressed the need over the years to learn more about cosmetology.

They told me that it was all on account of growing up without sisters, nor with "girly" female friends that could (or would) teach them.

I always thought it unfortunate, but then my own daughter expressed her similar dilemma.

That's when I resolved to create something using my own R&D skills, to help her and any others learn not only just a few techniques, but the SCIENCE of it as well, including various "looks" that people would either pay-for, or kill-for!

Gabrielle Union, actress
The following is a video playlist of some of the best tutorials we could find on Beauty, also featuring techniques from Mela NiieCharlotte Tilbury, Tescolifestyle, the Sephora/"What Not To Wear" cosmetic spokesperson, Carmindy (make sure to get her app too, available at AppsoluteMedia1) and many more.

Also featured are tutorials for day/nighttime, natural and formal looks, foundation, contouring, blush, and liner tricks.

Megan Fox, actress

There's even tips for wearing glasses, and special consideration for fair, ethnic, mature, and even problem skincare (ie., acne, scarring, Vitiligo, hyper-pigmentation, etc.).

You can even click-into the playlist lineup and start where you want; close to 13 HOURS of viewing that you can just watch like your own makeup TV channel!

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[playlist coming soon]

[Videos in singular clips]:
How to choose eyeglasses for your face shape!

How to master wearing heels!

Here's how other developed makeup artists organize their tools and supplies (more ideas available on Pinterest)!

Kim Kardashian, entrepreneur

Remember to let us know if this article was helpful to you.

And if so, then please share!

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